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Kalimati “my words” in Arabic, my connection, my communication, my feeling. Kalimati Speech and Communication Center was born out of a family’s desperate need; a need to find quality speech therapy services for their children. A need to find a warm and welcoming setting and environment. A need to have continuous hope, support and optimism. Having a child with a special need is a blessing. Having a center that was created out of love and hope is our aspiration.
TherapySpeech and Language
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Individual therapy programs
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Sign Language Beginner's Class
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Kalimati Communication and Rehabilitation Center was established to fulfill a growing demand for Speech Therapy services in the UAE. We believe that each child is special and our aim is to help your child reach his full potential. The Therapists also work as a team liaising with parents, teachers and medical professionals.

Kalimati Center, with its loving, fun and dynamic environment, provides quality pediatric and adolescent therapy services to help your child get the best care possible.